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August 31, 2013

Black Bears Kill

Nine of the victims were younger than 10


July 2, 2000: Mary Beth Miller, 24, was attacked while on a biathlon training run in a wooded area on a military base near Vlcartier, Quebec. The bear was trapped and killed four days later.

June 3, 2001: Kyle Harry, 18, was at a group campsite east of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories when fatally mauled.

Aug. 18, 2001: Adelia Maestras Trujillo, 93, died after a bear broke through a glass pane into her house at Mora, N.M. Her body was found in the kitchen. The bear was killed.

Sept. 1, 2002: Christopher Bayduza, 31, had gone for a walk near Fort Nelson, British Columbia at an oil rigging site when killed.

Sept. 29, 2002: Maurice Malenfant, 77, was camping in the Gaspe region of Quebec when killed.

June 14, 2005: Merlyn Carter, 71, was found dead in his cabin southeast of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Carter’s son came to the cabin the day after the attack and killed the bear.

Aug. 26, 2005: Harvey Robinson, 69, was fatally mauled while picking plums near Selkirk, Manitoba. Robinson’s family was investigating later that day with an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police when they were attacked. The officer shot the bear dead.

Sept. 6, 2005: Jacqueline Perry, 30, was killed at a remote campsite in Missinaibi Lake Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. Her husband was seriously injured while using a Swiss Army knife in an attempt to protect her.

April 13, 2006: Elora Petrasek, 6, died when a bear attacked her family in a campground at Cherokee National Forest, Tenn. The bear was trapped and killed. Another bear was killed as well.

June 17, 2007: Samuel Evan Ives, 11, was taken from a family tent in American Fork Canyon, Uninta National Forest, Utah. State wildlife officials killed the bear. The family sued the U.S. Forest Service because there was no warning about the bear having entered the campground the night before. A judge awarded the family $1.95 million.

July 20, 2007: Robin Kochorek, 31, a mountain biker, was reported missing at Panorama Mountain Resort, British Columbia. A black bear was found near her corpse the next morning. The bear was killed.

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