Cumberland Times-News


August 31, 2013

Black Bears Kill

Nine of the victims were younger than 10


May 30, 2008: Cecile Lavoie, 70, didn’t return to her cabin at LaSarre, Quebec, after a fishing trip. Her husband found a bear dragging her body into the woods.

Aug. 6, 2009: Donna Munson, 74, was killed at her home near Ouray, Colo. She had been feeding bears for a decade and had been repeatedly warned by wildlife officials to desist. A bear injured in a fight forced its way into Munson’s compound and killed her. One of the two bears killed by officials was found to have consumed the victim.

June 2011: Bernice Adolph, 72, Lillooet, British Columbia, was reported missing. Her remains were found by police dogs. There was evidence that bears fed on her body. Five suspected bears were killed and DNA tests confirmed that one had killed Adolph.

July 25, 2011, Lana Hollingsworth, 61, was attacked by a 250-pound black bear while walking her dog at a country club near Pinetop-Lakeside, Ariz. Nearly a month later and after 11 surgeries, Hollingsworth died from a brain hemorrhage.


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