Cumberland Times-News


July 6, 2013

New federal duck stamp now on sale

MEMPHIS, Tenn.— The 2013-2014 federal duck stamp went on sale June 28. The stamps, which cost $15, are valid through June 30, 2014. Purchased by millions of waterfowl hunters, wildlife enthusiasts and collectors every year, duck stamps help raise money to purchase and protect wetlands for ducks, geese and other wildlife species.

The winning artwork for the 2013-2014 federal duck stamp is a common goldeneye, painted by San Francisco wildlife artist Robert Steiner.

“Duck stamps are one of the traditional ways hunters and others give back to conservation,” said Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall. “We encourage everyone, whether they hunt waterfowl or not, to buy a duck stamp to help conserve our precious wetland resources. Many duck hunters even double up their contributions to this conservation effort by buying two stamps every year.”

 Also available is the new junior duck stamp. This stamp is part of a conservation program used by educators across the nation. This year, more than 29,000 students participated in state junior duck stamp competitions. Junior duck stamps sell for $5, with the funds used for environmental education.

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