Cumberland Times-News

November 23, 2013

Bear Watch - 11/24/2013

Cumberland Times-News

— There have been 38 bears

killed on Maryland roadways

this year, according to an unofficial

count maintained by the

Cumberland Times-News.

On Nov. 11, a male bear

weighing 178 pounds was

struck and died on Interstate 68

one mile west of the Finzel exit

in Garrett County. Clarissa

Harris of the Maryland Wildlife

& Heritage Service said the

bear had been tagged as a cub

in early 2012 in the Monroe Run


On Nov. 16, a 150-pound bear

died on westbound Interstate

70 in Frederick County near

the rest stop. The bear was so

badly struck that the gender

could not be determined.

A trap has been set near Flintstone

at a hunting cabin that

has been entered by a bear multiple


A trap set on Piney Mountain

Road in Allegany County

did not capture any bears and

has been pulled. It was set at a

house where a bear had

entered an enclosed porch.

To report bear incidents in Allegany

County, call the Maryland Wildlife Service

at 301-777-2136. In Garrett County, call 301-

334-4255. Outdoor Editor Mike Sawyers

may be contacted at 301-784-2523.