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January 13, 2014

Woman sentenced in corpse case - 01/14

Cumberland Times-News

— SOMERSET, Pa. — A Meyersdale woman who helped her boyfriend move a man’s body out of her apartment after he died of a drug overdose has reportedly been accepted into a probation program for first-time offenders.

Angela Hutzell, 38, can have her record expunged if she completes one year’s probation for a charge of abusing the corpse of 53-year-old Frankie Sass, according to a report in the Daily American.

Hutzell’s boyfriend is serving 10 months to 2 years in jail after pleading guilty in April to abuse of a corpse.

Hutzell told police Sass showed up at their apartment Jan. 23 and was later found dead, so they put the body into Sass’s pickup and drove it to another part of the borough, where it was found four days later.