Clockwise from left, Savage Cycles employees Jeremy Gordon, Jack Rafferty, Jeff Higson, Sean Snyder and Mike Dixon work on a custom motorcycle at the shop in Frostburg on Tuesday. Savage Cycles employees will be featured in the new reality TV show pilot “Hollywood Choppers.”

Steve Bittner
Cumberland Times-News

FROSTBURG — Can small-town boys withstand the pressures of Hollywood and produce quality, custom choppers for the elite in just a few short months?

That’s the burning question set to be answered by the new reality TV show “Hollywood Choppers,” featuring the team of eight at Savage Cycles in Frostburg.

“Polls were taken of the public ... and they showed there was a real void in motorcycle shows. Viewers wanted multidimensional characters and aspects to the show, but also (to) feature motorcycles,” said Steve Shreve, advertising, promotions and sales employee for Savage Cycles. “I have been looking to get into the realm of Hollywood and this was the perfect opportunity.”

Teaming up with Jaime Johnson of Cheetah Celebrity Choppers in California, the doorway of opportunity led Shreve to a perfect partnership and a chance for Savage Cycles to showcase its talent across the nation.

“The idea behind the show will be small-town boys building bikes for Hollywood,” Shreve said. “We’ll be showing the process of making a bike, start to finish, as well as our home lives. And, simultaneously, we’ll be filming Jaime and the Hollywood design team.”

Shreve said when the project first began, Savage Cycles was given a list of possible contracts and, after review, the first bike they chose to do for the show was for Fox’s “The Simpsons.”

“It’s the 20th anniversary for ‘The Simpsons,’ so we thought that would be a cool thing to start off with,” Shreve said. “The debut showing (for the Simpsons Chopper) is scheduled for Comic-Con International (San Diego) in July.”

But the contract, and three pilot shows, won’t rocket Savage Cycles to stardom. The team will have to work hard and learn the ways of Tinsel Town to make this show work.

With each chopper built, the Savage Cycles team will have to bounce ideas back and forth with the design team in Hollywood and meet quick deadlines.

“What the production team, and Hollywood, doesn’t understand is it can take three to six months to complete a bike,” Shreve said. “So one of the biggest challenges we’re going to face is the time frames we’re given. It’s going to be a crunch, but that’s part of the show’s appeal; can we get the bike done in time?”

Filming for the first pilot began Monday with Fortune Films coming in from Los Angeles. With four big-name networks interested in airing the series, everyone involved with the project is hopeful the reality show will take off.

Savage Cycles is also looking to showcase a bit of its hometown with a kickoff celebration and live music from Strangers with Candy on Friday night at the Crow Bar.

“This is exciting for us; it’s pretty big news for a local business to be affiliated with something like this,” Shreve said about the show. “We are excited for the exposure it’s going to bring us, but we don’t know what to expect; some of the people we’ve talked to said being on TV is a life-changing experience. So, as a small-town shop, it’s hard to grasp how it’s going to change our lives.”

For more information or to keep tabs on Savage Cycles and “Hollywood Choppers,” log on to or stop by the shop at 16705 Old National Pike.

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