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April 7, 2014

Meyersdale muscles Huskies

Troy Cubbage and Gary Ullery rolled 300 games on the Kegel Winding Road pattern. Cubbage’s 784 series was high for the week, while Ullery had 750. Darren Durbin shot 782 at White Oaks, Dave Yates rolled 775 at the Bowler, and Jeremiah Howsare had 759 and Mike Sipple 754 at White Oaks.

Sipple capped off a good week with 739 int the PBA League. One additional note, one of the enduring characters of local bowling for the last 40 years, Lou Spataro, shot a 712 series at White Oaks.  

Crystal Uhl rolled a huge 748 series at the Bowler, which is the highest women’s series of the season.  Vicki Coughlin shot 648 and Autumn Grant had 632.

Kasey Sullivan bowled a nice 711 series to lead the Juniors. Andrew Whetzel had 664 and Kris Tusing added 650.

While bowling seems to be an individual sport, team bowling is what the majority of us participate in.  There is definitely a rhythm and momentum to team bowling. Most teams put their best bowler in the last, or anchor, spot. The leadoff spot is very important as well, as leadoff bowlers can provide a spark if they are bowling well that affects the rest of the team.

Many leagues are now going to individual point scoring. There is still a team aspect, but each individual can contribute a win or loss in every game. Like in other sports, there are bowlers that match up better against certain teams than others. If you are bowling a team that likes to play the outside portion of the lane, the scores will usually be higher as they will create a “bump” or hook spot that will enable everyone to get to the pocket more easily. If you bowl a team that likes to play more in the middle of the lane, you might need to try and get inside of them to have a good ball reaction to the pocket.

As you can see in those two examples, versatility is important. Bowlers need to be comfortable playing all portions of the lane if they are going to be successful long term.

Joe Mullenax is the Cumberland Times-News bowling columnist. Write to him at

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