Cumberland Times-News

January 3, 2014

Kyle’s 300 tops in area

Joe Mullenax
Cumberland Times-News

— 760 series at Wilson Lanes to

lead all scoring last week.


Lowery was

next with a

743 at the

Bowler and

Troy Smith

had 735 also

at the



Corbin had a

299 at Wilson

Lanes on his

way to a 720

series. Also,

I reported junior bowler

Andrew Smith’s 715 series

last week but failed to note

that he rolled a 299 game during

that set.

Stephanie Miller shot 669 at

the Bowler to lead the area

ladies. Autumn Grant had 615

at White Oaks.

Historically, the most difficult

spare in bowling is the 7-

10 split. It used to only occur

when the ball when straight

through the middle of the pins

and was considered a bad

shot. Now, however, the 7-10

can occur on very good shots

thanks to the tremendous

angle and hitting power of

modern bowling balls.

On the PBA tour recently,

top amateur Marshall Kent

had all but wrapped up his

PBA Scorpion title against

Tom Smallwood when he left

a 7-10 in the 9th frame on a

seemingly perfect hit. The

modern version of this split

occurs when the ball sends

the 5 pin in front of the 7 pin.

Since this happens on a

“light” hit, the 3 pin is driven

back too straight and fails to

knock the 6 pin into the 10 pin.

Pete Weber nearly left this on

TV this past week, barely

knocking over the 7 to avoid

another bad break loss.

If you have the misfortune

of leaving the 7-10, simply

take your medicine and make

1 pin. Once in a very great

while you may get lucky and

bounce a pin out and make it

... unless of course you know

Ernie Beachy’s secret.

Ernie was about as big a fan

of bowling as you will ever

find and bowled well into his

80s. For many years, he

worked at North Garrett

Lanes in Grantsville. One day,

when there were no customers

around, Ernie decided

to tie a string from the 7 to the

10 pin. As long as he managed

to hit one pin or the other, the

split was converted. I’m not

sure which made Ernie happier,

making the split for an

amazed onlooker, or telling

the story to everyone else.

On any difficult split, try

and put your ego aside, and

simply “get the wood”. The

additional few pins will add up

over each set and increase

your average far more than

missing wildly out of anger or


Joe Mullenax is the bowling columnist

for the Cumberland Times-News.

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