Cumberland Times-News

March 4, 2013

The greatest man I ever knew

Cumberland Times-News

— Thank you so much Mike Mathews for the well written article about Terry Colaw. My mom said she cried when she read the article. Lots of people knew him as a very good coach. I just knew him as Uncle Terry.

As a kid I went to Aberdeen every summer for a couple of weeks. He always had time to play whatever sport it was with me. I didn’t realize until I got older what I missed out on. At least I can remember how wonderful those times were. I was 11 years old. Chris was only 5 years old and Mark was only 2 when their dad died. The older I get the more I miss him, and so do Chris and Mark. All three of us missed out on so much.

I hope that I can influence and help my daughter,  Delaney, and son, Patrick, the way Terry influenced me.    Thanks again to Mike Mathews for telling the story of a truly wonderful man who helped so many young people.

Tracy Rinard