This looming health care takeover would be a disaster. The Democrats say that there would not be rationing, yet how can 47 million new people be signed up when there are already waits for appointments and services? I’m not sure about that 47 million number, but it does indeed contain illegal aliens.

I love how the Democrats then jump to saying that this is not the final bill. Why it sounds as if that old bill just wrote itself. Those Democrats in committee didn’t have a finger in it, if you believe that! They did write it.

The fact that those items (from illegal aliens to death boards) can even be interpreted that way is only if it was meant that way. Remember unintended consequences; only these fellows intend them. You can’t pass a thousand plus page of law and not expect that a shady lawyer won’t be able to twist it later.

Then there are the town halls. Instead of calmly providing facts the Democrats immediately went to name calling. If this bill is so great then tell us — minus the lies. And why are many senators hiding from their constituents?

The president is of course in full crisis mode. Seems like that word only gets trotted out when someone wants money. And of course, here we are with all the phony studies where experts that never got it right are telling us that we must do as the Democrats bid or it will be a disaster! Hold on and we’ll see the kids being trotted out on the nightly news.

If only there was “free” health care, then little Sallie Mae wouldn’t be crippled. Little Johnny could pay to have that infected ‘mom’ tattoo removed — if only! Don’t buy it folks.

The left, like Lucy and that football from Charlie Brown have been using the same scam for years. It’s time to say no.

James Parsons

Carlisle, Pa.

Former resident

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