Dr. Sean McCagh

A Doctor n’ the House

Like he was for so many people in the area, Dr. Sean McCagh was my dermatologist.

I never feared going to the doctor when it was an appointment with Dr. McCagh at Western Maryland Dermatology.

Even when he didn’t like something he spotted during an exam – even when he used what he called “the apple corer” to remove a blemish from my back.  And I happily obliged each time he suggested Botox.  Yes, I have had it a few times.  And it was always Sean who recommended it.  “You’re going to have Christmas pictures taken, you’re going to want to look really good in them.”

Sean never entered any room – even the exam room – without smiling or a joke. 

As it turns out, my house was originally owned by his uncle Ed – yes, Ed McCagh of Walsh McCagh Pharmacy.  And Sean had stories of my house and his uncle that dated back to his own childhood.  When I renovated my attached garage into a family room, Sean told me “items” to look for in the cinder blocks. And yep, sure enough, they were there.

In fact, I still have an appointment on the books for a follow up with his office later this month – in April. 

The last I saw Sean was at his office in October.  It was for the “all over” check for suspicious moles and clues for potential skin cancer – which had removed from various parts of my body over the last few years. Since I now had a “history,” I was under the “every six months” category.

“All right, Shane, lower your pants a little and let me check,” Sean said and I complied.  “Okay…that’s great,” he said as he medically investigated. “… your butt looks good.”

“Thank you,” I replied quickly. “I’ve been working out.”

Sean chuckled for a second and said “I have been doing this for 25 years plus…and that’s the first time anyone has ever brought me close to blushing.” Then he added “Things look good.  Wear a mask, stay safe and I will see you back here in six months.”

I will miss that humor and I will oddly miss those check up apointments with him.


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