Name: Delanie Blubaugh

Age: 20

Hometown: LaVale, Maryland


How would we “know” you? I am a junior Political Science and Legal Studies double major at Frostburg State University. When I am not in the classroom, you can find me in the Student Government Association office or The Bottom Line office, where I dedicate much of my extracurricular time through my student leadership positions. I am also an actor in the community and former Drum Major of the Allegany High School Marching Band!

 What is something about you that other people would be surprised to learn? I own almost 100 house plants between my college apartment and my home in LaVale. Some I have had since I was a freshman in high school!

 Your day doesn't feel complete unless you get a chance to do what? Cook myself a meal. Whether it is a quick bowl of cereal, a yummy pasta dish, or taco night, my day does not feel complete unless I’ve spent at least a few minutes in the kitchen!

What was the hardest thing you did today? The hardest thing I did today was say “no.” As a people person who loves to spend my time with the people I love in the places I love, I can sometimes stretch myself thin from all the things I want to do. However, as I have grown up, I have learned the power and necessity of saying no, and taking some time just for me, myself, and I.

 What do you do for fun? For fun, I love to invite some friends over to cook for them and then spend the evening watching movies. It is so fun to be able to see my friends enjoy the meals I cook for them, or that we cook together! I also really enjoy reading, writing, and going for a drive. I find that one of my favorite ways to destress and relax after a long day is to take a drive through the mountains and listen to my favorite songs.

 Do you have any strange or guilty pleasures? If I am watching Netflix, I am almost definitely rewatching The West Wing or Madame Secretary. I’ve probably rewatched both shows at least three times each. I really enjoy watching them because its almost like my career goals are coming to life on screen right before me. 

 Why does Allegany County feel like home? I’ve lived in Allegany County for a little over a decade, so it has not always been my home. But it is safe to say that when I think of home, I think of these beautiful mountains. Most of my family lives in the area, and in my time here, I have met some amazing friends who became like family too.

What two words best describe you? Passionate and driven.

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