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Presenting this year’s Faces of the Future


And how advice from my childhood came in handy for two stories in this very issue

When I was much younger, my mother always encouraged me to wear clean underwear – every single day.  You probably heard the same expression too when you were growing up under your same roof.  “What if you get into an accident and you aren’t wearing clear underwear?”

As I got older and my mother would remind me of this, my reply became “Depending on how bad the accident, it probably wouldn’t stay clean for long anyway.”

After all, is this something nobody is doing? Not going out with clean unmentionables?  And I am almost sure you heard this phrase from your parent or grandparent in one form or another, right?

As I sit here and ponder how to open this month’s edition, I am reminded of that pearl of motherly wisdom because as it turns out – clean underwear was essential to two stories in this issue and so I am glad I followed my Mom’s advice – I just always thought it applied to accidents and not to my occupation.  But more on that in a minute.

It has become somewhat of a tradition every spring here at Allegany Magazine to celebrate the season of renewal by spotlighting a certain number of people in our community propelling the area forward in a positive direction. We usually celebrate 35 people under the age of 35. We only broke with that tradition once in 2018 to highlight 40 people under the age of 40 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the movie Grease, which costarred one of our favorite sons, Eddie Deezen.  And we are breaking from that tradition this year as well. 

When we began looking for the young people to brag about for this edition, we were simply inundated with nominations.  Our readers wanted to let us know about this incredible new adult generation and the impact they were having not only in our local area but on the economy, on our health, on seeing us through one of the worst years in modern history.  And they did that – and so naturally, Allegany Magazine decided we just could not cut the list this year at 35. We accepted all 40 names presented to us, we contacted all 40, and to our surprise, all 40 agreed and so it is that 40 we are proudly presenting to you.

We also have a special tribute to Dr. Sean McCagh – who lost a short battle with COVID-19 in late January.  It’s a loss many of us are still feeling.  And so we have a farewell to him that I hope is befitting this wonderful man.  I have included a personal story about the last time I saw Sean – in an exam room – last October – for my annual “all over check” and yes, underwear is mentioned.

This issue also explores the surprising benefits of receiving acupuncture and a young practictioner who insisted that if Allegany Magazine was going to present this story accurately to our readers that I had to experience it. And so, yes, I had to wear a backless hospital gown for my treatment and thus experienced my first interview for a story while in underwear.  

Through both experiences, I am reminded just how “close” a community we live in. We think nothing of sharing a story idea between doctor and patient; over dinner, over coffee, while exercising at the gym; while being hoisted in the back of an ambulance (which is how I meant one of this year’s featured faces). It’s all in a day’s work when one is covering his hometown.  And this is always the annual edition where I feel like our hometown is going to be in great hands moving into the future. 

Who knew the advice from my Mom from so many years ago would come in handy for two stories in the very same issue?  And none of it was by accident.


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