Getting Down and Dirty


And seeing the opportunity instead of the burden


Photography by C. Brooke Photos


The year 2020 according to me, a busy business owner, a wife, friend, daughter and most importantly a Mom of four beautiful children.

March came in like a whirlwind, with the reports of Covid-19 and being in quarantine with four children ages ranging from ages five to 12, I will not lie I was nervous. How would I keep them busy without their schooling, church services, after school programs and sporting events? What would I do with them? I put my photography business on hold because of the unknown and the state mandates. 

We decided early that the year 2020 handed us would be an opportunity instead of a burden. And we as a family were determined to take it in with stride and laughter instead of anxiety and stress. My husband Dustin continued to work because he was deemed to be “essential” so that left me alone in the house with the kids. We went to our family camp weekly from May through August where our kids fished, swam in the river, made S’mores and looked at the stars without Wi-Fi, without reception and interruption. We learned to garden, can jams from berries we foraged and picked off of our land. We jumped in mud puddles and we danced in the summer rain.  We drew pictures, water painted and colored until I ran out of ideas to create.

With our older sons we watched every single one of the Marvel movies in chronological order. We ate popcorn, made cakes, and gorged ourselves on foods we aren’t used to having and we all gained some unwanted pounds around the mid-section in the process.

Would I have changed this year if given the chance? Would I wish that I wasn’t quarantined with four kids? No surprisingly. I loved every moment of it, mind you I didn’t say I loved every minute of it.  I missed having a normal routine, a normal schedule. But my! How I enjoyed not having to run, and be somewhere every day of the week, the practices, for band, soccer, Jiu Jitsu and the events that normally took over our lives on a weekly basis. 

This year, we took in the quiet moments of mornings before my husband went to work to drink a coffee together an hour before our children woke up. To center ourselves, and ground ourselves so we could be on the same page of this craziness. We learned how to manage doctors’ appointments online and to Zoom.  Because of this I became a better mother, a better wife and friend. I had to learn to manage the new normalcy of our life. This year has taught me patience, perseverance and above everything else unconditional love. I learned what my kids liked to do on a daily basis, what color was their favorite Play Doh, what they liked to make for lunch and what makes them sad.  I learned so much of who I was in the year 2020. As a mom, a wife and a business woman I learned that I can overcome anything this world throws at me because of love. Simple undying love. 

They always say that when you are in the valleys you pray more to God, you ask more questions of Him, you question what you’re supposed to be doing here on this beautiful earth. God is known to give you only what you can handle. He must think I have super powers.

You either learn to grow from the situations that life hands you or you shrink from the pressure. 

My grandmother used to have a saying, “it all comes out in the wash” and she was right. It all will pass, whether it be a troublesome time or a time of beauty and fun -- it all soon fades.

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