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A Little Bit Cody Calp


 Do you remember that experience of being on the cover of Allegany Magazine? Was it a good one? How could I forget?! It was a great experience.

What do you remember most about it?  I remember the excitement I felt. Excited for the shoot. Excited to see all the photos. Excited to see which one was selected. Excited for my band mates and excited for the fans that we had that made it possible.

Did anyone recognize you in public once you were on the cover?  Oh yea. The women at Hallmark when I went in to get a copy recognized me right away. Then over the next two to three weeks I would have random people ask me if I was on the cover of Allegany Magazine this month.

What are some things you have been up to since we last caught up with you?  I lived in Charlotte NC for a year training Service Dogs disabled veterans.  I then moved to Southern California where I trained Police K9’s for multiple agencies, worked with Navy K9 Handlers, trained explosives detection dogs for large corporations like Disney, and trained personal protection dogs for professional athletes, musicians, and actors.  Now I’m back in my beloved Allegany County training dogs and getting ready to open a boarding kennel.

What is something you've been doing that people might be surprised to learn?  I’ve been barbecuing nonstop since quarantine started. Briskets, pork butts, sausage, chicken ... you name it. I’ve really fallen in love with it. The primitive relationship we have with fire and meat. The balancing act between heat, smoke, salt ... I feel like a conductor trying to coordinate 5 different sections of a symphony at once.

What is it that you would love to do next?  Open a state of the art boarding kennel in our area. I want a place for people to board their dogs and know in their heart of hearts that they have nothing to worry about. 

 Do you still feel a connection to Allegany County?  I’ve never not felt a connection to this county. Even when I lived other places the Mountains always felt like my true home. I think once you live hear a piece of you always lives here.

What do you think it takes to be a future Allegany Magazine cover story? I think it takes someone with a story that is going to make the reader feel something. Whether it be happiness, empathy, being inspired or inspiring other people. An Allegany Magazine cover story needs to make you feel something so strong that it makes you pick up a copy.

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