Our “Most Fascinating” Queen

Chianne Bosley’s Crowning Achievement


 Do you remember that experience of being on the cover of Allegany Magazine? Was it a good one?  Yes, and it definitely was a great experience.

What do you remember most about it? It was an awesome experience and very special to me. The cover hangs in our living room.

Did anyone recognize you in public once you were on the cover? Yes, they sure did, people would say, look here comes the queen and actually people still do to this day and I love it!

What are some things you have been up to since we last caught up with you?  I finished the transition program at Allegany College, a special program through the Allegany County Board of           Education that I could stay in until I was 21. I learned so many things and it was an awesome program.  I learned so many life skill and things to help me in life.  I didn’t get to finish out the year because of Covid. I was so sad when that happened, the crazy virus. I have been spending time with my family and friends and loving it all.

How is life difference for you now than it was when you were on the cover of Allegany Magazine?  Well, the pandemic has changed everything and the way we live today.  When I was on the magazine I would have never guessed that the world would be like this.

What is something you've been doing that people might be surprised to learn?  I've been sitting at home during this crazy virus, instead of being out and about doing all kinds of different things. I really did not like things being cancelled. Things are getting better now, and I'm so glad.

What is something about you that people would be really surprised to learn? I am a caretaker and love to help others, especially my best friend Cody Beal and oh, I have Down Syndrome. 

Do you still feel a connection to Allegany County?  Yes, I definitely do, love being involved in our county.  I go to all types of sporting events, plays, I like to go out to eat at different restaurants all around town. I love to read the paper and see what's going on locally.

What do you think it takes to be a future Allegany Magazine cover story?  Someone who is involved in the community and loves our community and sees all the good things that I love about it.


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