Enjoy the little things … and embrace love


Bethany and Alex McCoy

September 2, 2017

“Our wedding would undoubtedly be coined as non-traditional – Bethany’s brother, our ringer bearer, was twenty years old, we did not have an equal number on each side of the wedding party, a close friend was ordained online and married us in an elegant and authentic fashion reciting lines from various movies, and perhaps the most non-traditional factor was that there were two brides!  I grew up traveling through the streets of downtown

Cumberland – and I am an Allegany High Graduate (Go Big Blue!) and my whole family lives in the Lavale, Ellerslie and Cresaptown areas. Alex is from the DC suburbs of Maryland but has always appreciated the countryside and the feel of a small town. The fact the StoneBridge had a pond was the icing on the cake for we both absolutely love the water.

Our ceremony started with an entrance some might not expect at a wedding – both brides walked in together. We believed this journey was and is ours – our families helped us get to this point, but we wanted to show how we consciously made the decision to enter into this marriage and truly become one. The wedding ceremony featured a Quaker message from Alex`s father about the gift of simplicity and a period of silence for all to reflect. My mother caused a few happy tears to fall when she made amends with a heartfelt apology to me for not originally accepting her daughter’s

“They have showed me a whole new world – a world where there are no boundaries and a love that is so pure and genuine,” she said. “I feel I have grown so much as a person; actually I’m a better, more tolerant and kind individual because I have witnessed their love.”

Over time, change and acceptance grew into a beautiful ray of sunshine in our lives. Fast forward to present day and we have all the support, acceptance and so much love from our family and friends that our wedding and lives are overflowing with joy and utter happiness. This is what is possible when family and friends just embrace love.

As for advice today – after nearly four years of marriage -- enjoy the little things with your person. Also, try something new together and share your passions with one another for they can become your hobbies, outlets, and adventures together. I never liked cooking before I met my wife. I primarily ate takeout food and knew that I just could not cook like my mom and grandmother.  Now I enjoy taking top tier cooking classes together and being my wife’s sous chef as I know how much she loves to bake and cook, and she has shared this with me.

We both share our passions with each other and with time, we grew to love and appreciate these new, positive experiences in our lives – for me it was cooking and for my wife, she’s become an avid tennis player (she could barely hit it over the net when we first lived together!) and appreciates all sports more deeply.”

Bethany McCoy

Original wedding photos provided and courtesy of Jacqi Q Photography.


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