chelsea boyle

Allegany Magazine's Annual Salute to Women in Business

Chelsea S. Boyle

Queen City Creamery/ MIXX 112 Boutique

What do you think is the greatest challenge of being a “woman in business?” I personally have been in the business world for over 20 years, starting at a very young age in the healthcare industry and working my way up. One of the largest challenges for me was overcoming the fear of breaking into a business that I for the most part had little or no knowledge about.

What is the most fun you do on your job? I love being involved in the Creamery and Mixx as it allows me the opportunity to interact with people in the community. It’s gratifying to make people smile when they love a new outfit that I have helped them find, or witnessing how excited they are about our ice cream flavor of the day! I own and operate a healthcare company that is extremely high stress most days with many moving parts, and travel. I love the ability to come home and have an amazing place to spend a day here and there to escape the insanity and truly enjoy working in the retail industry.

Do you have any advice for other “women in business” or women who hope to start their own businesses? I would recommend that you start a business in an area you love, or have passion for. Significant research and organization prior to starting any business is necessary for survival. Finally, know your audience and be prepared to meet their expectation.

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