September 2020

Haley Hemorrhoid

Age: 25

Cumberland, Maryland

How would we “know” you?  The better question, Honey, is “why wouldn’t you know me?”  I have over 24,000 followers on my TikTok account and several of my videos have gone “viral.” Currently, I am the 2020 Queen of Queen City.

What is something about you that other people would be surprised to learn?  For those who come to my shows I’m always doing all sorts of death drops and cartwheels but believe it or not I have two metal rods and 20 screws in my spine from a scoliosis surgery I had when I was 15. Does that make me the Bionic Woman?

What was the hardest thing you did today? It may sound simple but honestly probably the 2020 Queen of Queen City pageant. When I perform I interact with the crowd so the preparation -- to me, (I know the girls who do pageants are probably going to lose a few lashes over this) was way more stressful for me than doing a show.

Do you have any strange or guilty pleasures? I actually really like the feeling of getting tattoos. 

Why does Allegany County feel like home?  The Drag, Pride, and LGBTQ community here is so loving and basically like one big family. Even if I walk away from a Cumberland show with not even $5 of tips it’s still more than worth it because my sisters here are by far the most fun to be around. Even if I become a star, I will always make a point to come back to Allegany County as much as possible because didn’t Dorothy herself say “There’s no place like home?”  


Hair styled by Siren Kelly. Makeup by Trevor Wonders. Follow The Adventures of Haley on Instagram at @haleyhemorrhoid.


Photography by Brooke Long/Brooke Long Photography for Allegany Magazine. 2020.

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