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I asked friends to share what foods they find comforting – especially this time of year – in the season of Thanksgiving. Get some ideas for dinner tonight.


There’s just something about cooler evening temperatures and shorter days that make me want to fire up the Instant Pot on the weekends, creating thick and savory dishes to share with friends or curling up in my fuzzy blanket and stuffing my face while watching football. One of my favorite creations is Mustardy Pork. I made up the name and the recipe. I usually don’t follow somebody else’s recipe and I certainly don’t measure ingredients. Cut pork chops into bite-size pieces and brown in the IP. Then pour vegetable broth in, chunk up carrots and potatoes and put atop the pork. Then place half a cabbage over that and squirt in hot mustard. In 20 minutes, your mouth will be happy. Just swish around to mix in the mustard. Easy and delish. You can exchange the pork for chicken or roast, select other veggies, and play around with seasonings. Try it and let me know how it turns out.

I asked friends to share what foods they find comforting – especially this time of year – in the season of Thanksgiving. Get some ideas for dinner tonight.

“Chicken Rivels! I follow the recipe from my Mother, who had it shown to her by her own Mother. And probably came from her Mother! Pennsylvania Dutch relatives on that side.”

Michele Bridges Bennett

“Taco soup and fried dough. I make the soup. The first time I had it, we were visiting friends in Mississippi on a long road trip to Texas. It’s amazing! The fried dough, a friend’s momma makes it- also amazing with strawberry jelly!”

Valerie Lease

“American Chop Suey (Macaroni noodles with ground beef and spicy tomato sauce)! I make it from scratch. The kid loves it. Made in a heavy pan on the stovetop.”

Dan Brehm

“Chili con carne, corn bread, and beef stew.”

Sharon Derlan

“Homemade vegetable beef soup, homemade bread, homemade apple sauce.”

Beth Ann McKenzie Magruder

“Homemade potato soup.”

Debbie Hudson Powell-

“I make beef stew in my Instant Pot and serve with Caporale’s Italian bread.”

Delores Leutert

“I love my Instant Pot! It’s the best for making comfort food. Chili and cornbread is a favorite fall meal for me.”

Vicki Bartik

“I make my own chili, have my mom’s vegetable soup recipe I use that is delicious. Homemade bread to me is purchasing frozen bread dough, letting it rise and forming it into rolls. Wish I would have paid attention when my mom made the real homemade bread."

Connie Bane

“Chili with grilled cheese.”

Jenny Imler

“My homemade turkey pot pie- my comfort food on a lazy Sunday watching football.”

Pam Hawn Glen

“Chicken and dumplings.”

Tina Pope Green

“Chicken Pot Pie!”

Missi VanMeter Boober

“Chili cheese dip.”

Lena Bridges

“Homemade chipped beef gravy over biscuits or toast.”

Lisa Carr

“I like just having a bowl of garlic mashed potatoes.”

Michelle Riley

“French fries with gravy.”

Tammy Vandergrift

“Candy apples, hot chocolate with loads of white fluffy marshmallows, microwave popcorn, hot tea, a lot of homemade soups in the crockpot: chicken noodle, bean soup, chili, stuffed cabbage soup.”

Lee Ann Yenchenko

“Caramel apples.”

Ed Stephens

“Anything pumpkin makes me happy!”

Christa Tipton

“Pumpkin pie from scratch, even the crust. I taught my 11 year old granddaughter. We make it and eat it!”

Helen Logsdon Uncapher

“Pumpkin Decadence. It is a baked dessert. My Grandmother gave me the recipe. It is amazing. I use a flour sifter to spread cake mix evenly.”

Sommer Lynn Skelley

“Pumpkin cookies.”

Paulette Porter

“Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing.”

Sherrie Ann Helminiak

“Pumpkin fluff and Graham crackers.”

Kara Goldsworthy Breedlove

“Pumpkin pie.”

Greg Norris

“Apple butter with cottage cheese.”

Brent Blank

“Brown bag apple pie, it makes an apple crumb pie but so good baked in a brown bag.”

Lori Hopwood Heavner

“Apple Dapple cake with fresh picked apples!”

Leah Youngblood

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