Bobby Lannon bowled 764/289 at White Oak Lanes and was the area’s top bowler for the week. Shane Nickelson rolled a 290 game and 744 set for second place.

At The Bowler, Travis Walters was highest rolling 739/258. Corey Shirey followed scoring 683/248.

CP Sines bowled 729/267 for the high at Rainbow Lanes. Adam Braithwaite was next rolling 640/279.

Bob Greene’s 714/238 was highest at Wilson Lanes followed by Clay Corbin’s 707/275.

At Sherwood Lanes, John Leptic scored the week’s high of 628/266. Tony Ferraro was next bowling 627/233.

The PBA Experience League at White Oak Lanes reports Bobby Lannon rolled the top score for the week of 635/222. Don Parsons and JM Sites were next, rolling 630/221 and 617/226, respectively. Adam Blackburn bowled the high game of 234.

Michele Hitchens was the area’s top lady bowler for the week. Samantha King was next at that center, rolling 570/212.

Crystal Uhl was highest of The Bowler ladies rolling 601/215. Candi Dolly followed scoring 590/204.

Lou Dille’s 585/213 was highest of the Rainbow ladies. Jamie Burdock was next bowling 559/194.

Joette Bean scored 522/194 for the ladies high at Wilson Lanes. Julie Greene was next rolling 513/179.

Anna Combs’ 489/187 was the week’s high at Sherwood.

Bill Smith III bowled 624/216 at Rainbow Lanes and was the area’s top senior bowler for the week. John Riley’s 587/215 was the high senior score at The Bowler. Bill Middleton bowled 523/197 at White Oak Lanes and Milton Fairgrieve rolled 417/176 at Sherwood Lanes.

Justin Boyer was the area’s top youth bowler for the week rolling 676/247 at Wilson Lanes. Alex Folmer bowled 662/228 at The Bowler. Wade Robinson rolled 654/245 at Sherwood. Cody Morton scored 652/258 at Rainbow Lanes and Larissa Blizzard rolled 620/232 at White Oak Lanes.

One of the important factors to improving your average (aside from better spare shooting) is to learn how to increase the counterclockwise (for a right handed bowler) rotation of your strike ball.

If you are now throwing only a straight ball at a full pin deck, you need to learn how to make it hook. There are several methods, however, the most popular is using a fingertip drilled ball then positioning the ball during the pushaway with your thumb at 10 o’clock using a clockface in front of you and obviously your fingers would be at 4 o’clock. Keep your wrist in that same position during the downward travel and the backswing. After a slight hesitation at the top of the backswing your wrist should force the ball into the counterclockwise rotation by rapidly turning the wrist into a handshake position. You should never over rotate. One rule is that you should not be able to see the back of your throwing hand. The follow through should be straight up towards the ceiling. Practice and the use of a reactive resin ball will certainly help your scoring. Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

Howard “Pete” Peterson is the bowling columnist for the Cumberland Times-News. He can be reached at

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