Editor’s note: The following Q&A was submitted by Cumberland Environmental Specialist Raquel Ketterman and Allison Layton.

This is a reminder to all city of Cumberland residents that on Nov. 26 there will be no garbage or recycling collection in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. If you are on the affected Thursday route, your collections will resume the following Monday. All other collection days remain on schedule.

Now, let’s break down co-mingled recycling.

Co-mingled recycling includes plastic, metal and glass containers and is to be placed in the burgundy recycling bin issued to residents by Burgmeier’s. Please do not bag recycling. The collection day for co-mingled recycling is your first trash day each and every week.

Q: What plastics should I put in my recycling bin?

The city of Cumberland’s curbside recycling program accepts plastics with the numbers 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7. Items accepted include household containers such as milk jugs, beverage bottles, condiment bottles, butter/yogurt tubs, shampoo bottles, detergent jugs and to-go containers with any of the appropriate numbers in the recycle triangle. You do not need to remove lids before putting recycling in your bin.

There is a size limit to plastic containers: no larger than 2 gallons and no smaller than 2 inches by 2 inches.

Please do not place items such as toys, random plastic items, rugs, shower curtains, clothing, shoes or cosmetic tubes in the recycling bin. These items are not containers and should be tossed in the trash. Also, do not recycle plastic that has contained automotive oils or any substance that cannot be generally rinsed out.

Q: What metals should I include in my recycling bin?

Again, these items should consist of household containers, generally from the kitchen or bath. Please recycle your canned food cans and aluminum. Also accepted are emptied metal aerosol cans/bottles. No need to remove labels from cans. Please remove any food from tins and foil before recycling.

Do not place metal items other than containers in your recycling bin. Please do not recycle silverware, pots, pans or racks, metal clips, furniture, toys or other random metal items.

Q: What glass items may I recycle?

The only glass items accepted in your co-mingled recycling bin are household containers such as beverage and food bottles and jars. So yes, recycle your pickle jars, baby food jars and juice bottles.

Never place the following glass items in the recycling bin as they can contaminate an entire load of recycling. No glass dishes (ceramic, porcelain, etc...), no mirror or window glass, no glass trinkets or figurines, no candle holders, etc…

Q: So, how do I decide what to put in my recycling bin if I am just not sure?

Check the accepted items recycling list often. The list of recyclable items can be viewed at http://www.cumberlandmd.gov. When in doubt, throw it out (with trash), or call 301-759-6604 for answers to your most baffling questions.

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