Recreational fishing and boating prohibited

Photo from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources reminds all anglers that under Gov. Larry Hogan’s Stay at Home order, recreational fishing and boating are prohibited activities. 

Limited exceptions exist only for individuals who fish as a matter of sustenance.

In all cases, catch-and-release fishing is strictly prohibited anywhere in Maryland. 

The executive order states that no Maryland resident should leave their home unless it is for an essential job or for an essential reason, such as obtaining food or medicine, seeking urgent medical attention, or for other necessary purposes. 

The governor’s executive order is in place until further notice and the intent is simple: "Stay home unless you absolutely must leave."

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious global health crisis and the number of confirmed cases and deaths in Maryland rises everyday.

"Risking unnecessary exposure is not just a hazard for you, it puts law enforcement, emergency responders, seniors, and vulnerable populations in danger," a DNR press release states. "We will save lives by doing the right thing and simply staying home."

To learn more, refer to the department's website.

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