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CUMBERLAND — At the Allegany County Public Schools Board of Education Meeting Tuesday, Chief Academic Officer Kim Kalbaugh updated the board on the school system’s plan regarding the transitioning-in of students to the hybrid model, continuing Monday, Oct. 19, with second-graders.

Phase 4 began with pre-k students, who transitioned in on Oct. 5, then moved to first-graders, who made the transition on Monday.

Grade two students will be following an alternating schedule, where students in the A group go in-person on Monday and Wednesday, and students in the B group go in-person on Tuesday and Thursday, with Friday being a virtual day, said Kalbaugh. Students will be paired into group A or B by last name. Students with a last name starting A through L will be in the A group; students with a last name starting M through Z will be in the B group.

Parents of students with special cases, like multiple last names, can contact their student’s school principal to work out what group their child is in, she said.

For students who opted out of attending virtual school and who may be interested in opting back in, the school system will be sending out an opt-in letter.

“We do have an opt-in procedure so that parents who have opted out may opt back in for the hybrid schedule during the second nine weeks, with a start date for Monday, Nov. 16,” said Kalbaugh. “Those parents who opted out for the first nine weeks, they will receive an opt-in letter to complete. All opt-ins will occur at the beginning of a nine week period. As we move forward in the year, prior to the end of marking period two and three, any parent who still is opting for the virtual school may choose to opt-in their child for the hybrid learning. They simply need to contact their child’s principal to make that change.”

When continuing through the phases of the ACPS learn-in-school program the system is considering the ability to maintain six feet of social distance, classroom sizes, staffing availability and bus transportation.

As Phase 4 continues, grades three through five are tentatively scheduled to be transitioned in prior to the end of the first marking period, which ends Nov. 12, following the same A and B schedule as grade two students.

“Then we will be moving into Phase 5 of our fully hybrid model, and what we hope to do is to be able to phase in our middle school and high school students, where feasible, beginning the second nine weeks, which is Nov. 16,” said Kalbaugh. “It will be our goal to begin phasing in our middle and working there toward high school.”

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