Chessie grand opening

Chessie Federal Credit Union recently held a grand opening for its new Paca Street Branch with the recent merger of Al-Gar Federal Credit Union. Shown, from the left, are Roger Powers, Chessie assistant board of directors chairman; Todd Riggleman; president/CEO Al-Gar FCU; Scott Kline; Chessie senior vice president; Eugene Frazier, Chessie board of directors; Richard Graham, Chessie board of directors; William Emerick, Chessie supervisory committee; Richard Daugherty, president/CEO Chessie FCU; Ray Beall, Chessie chairman of the board; Charlie Winebrenner, Chessie board of directors; James Chaney, chairman of the board Al-Gar FCU; Harry Hobell, Chessie supervisory committee; James Lambert, Al-Gar FCU board of directors; William Judy, Chessie supervisory committee; Rhonda Riggleman, Chessie assistant vice president; and Lisa Beavers, Chessie board of directors. The new Chessie Office is located at 316 Paca St., Cumberland.