My husband, Jim, and I, have two little Yorkies named Faith and Hope. They bring so much joy to our lives and are such a blessing to us. They even teach us many lessons that are sometimes overlooked. Who would even think that two little dogs could do such a thing?

I noticed one lesson just recently. Faith is not a fan of car rides. The minute she hears those words and realizes she is headed for one, she immediately becomes petrified. Her ears go back in a stiff stance and she becomes quite obviously scared to death. Once in the car, the fear intensifies. She won’t sit still and gets herself all worked up. We try to reassure her that everything is OK. She will be fine. It’s all good. Enjoy the ride etc. but to no avail.

She wants none of it and gets so upset I don’t even think she hears what we are saying to her. Her sister, Hope, isn’t a real fan of the car rides either, but she tolerates them. She won’t look out the window or at the scenery around her. She just stares straight ahead, mostly likely silently wishing the ride was over. She doesn’t get physically upset, but just holds on for dear life until we get to where we are going.

What came to mind after this recent experience is that maybe that is how we are when we are fearful. Like Faith, we become upset. Our bodies get tense, gearing up for what is ahead, and we aren’t still enough to know that God is with us. Even though we have assurances from his word that he is with us, that everything will be OK, and we have proof of that from his past faithful work in our lives, we can’t see it or remember because we become so enthralled with the fear or troubling situation.

Some of us may even be like Hope. We put up with the fear and only look in one direction, not wanting to see what we are headed for.

The goal is to simply get out of the situation to a safe place, all the while hanging by a thread, wishing the fearful or threatening event was over and done with.

As I look at their different approaches to handling their fear, I can’t help but chuckle inside, wishing they could see how they have nothing to be afraid of. Jim and I would never let anything happen to them and they know that out of every car ride is a safe return home where a treat awaits, so why be afraid?

Isn’t that how God might think when we become fearful? Doesn’t he wish that we, too, could see that we have nothing to hear? He always takes care of us and he would never put us in harm’s way. If we would remember his past faithfulness, we know the outcome will be good.

Perhaps he says to us, “Relax! Enjoy the ride! You have nothing to be afraid of. Everything will be OK. I will get you where you need to go and I even have a “treat” for you when you get there!

Candee Armbruster is a resident of Crespatown and writes occasional faith-based columns for the Times-News.


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