MCHENRY — Garrett College has released a five-year strategic plan built around innovative academic programs and support services as well as long-term fiscal sustainability.

President Richard Midcap called the plan “equal parts aspirational, inspirational and practical.” Don Morin, chair of the board of trustees, said the plan “emphasizes meeting the educational needs of county residents in an efficient, fiscally responsible way.”

The plan was developed by a broad-based team that included college faculty, staff and administrators, local business leaders and government agency representatives. It’s built around four goals that deal with curriculum development, student success, market-driven programs and services and institutional sustainability.

Midcap thanked “the more than 50 individuals who participated in the various work groups that developed the plan.” He credited Deans Julie Yoder and JR Kerns for their leadership as co-chairs of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee, noting that they “kept the process focused on developing a plan with concrete objectives and measurable benchmarks.”

“The strategic planning process was designed to bring forth the best ideas for how to position the college in the future,” said Kerns, dean of student affairs. “I believe the steering committee working groups did a great job in accomplishing that goal.”

“We are really proud of the level of engagement shown by faculty, staff, the board of trustees and other stakeholders throughout the development of the plan,” said Yoder, dean of continuing education and workforce development. “It was clear that everyone understood the importance of having a solid roadmap to guide the future of Garrett College.”

Midcap said the college hopes to use the plan to build on the accomplishments of its predecessor.

“We emphasized identifying concrete initiatives we want to achieve through the plan, just as we did with the FY2017-20 plan,” said Midcap.

“I think we achieved quite a bit through the 2017-20 strategic plan. I’m very confident the 2021-25 plan provides a framework for future success.”

Garrett College’s 2021-25 Strategic Plan can be accessed at

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