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CARPENDALE, W.Va. — Carpendale Town Council recently approved a measure requiring that new mobile homes or prefabricated buildings replace old structures in areas zoned for such buildings.

“Ten or twelve years is the life of most of these buildings, so if replaced they must be new,” Mayor Casey Lambert said. The measure was passed unanimously by the council during Tuesday’s public meeting.

It will now be necessary to obtain an application to replace trailers and prefabricated buildings.

“If there wasn’t a trailer there, you can’t put one there now,” Lambert said. “That is why we have open meetings for the public to voice both their opinions and objections. Once the measure is voted on, however, if there is an objection, it would be necessary to follow procedure for an appeal.”

Officials said that a portion of Miller Road has become a concern for motorists.

“The section on Miller Road is falling away, slipping off to the railroad tracks,” said Lambert, referring to the section of road near the Carpendale/Ridgeley limits. “I called the State Highway and had it inspected on July 16. I hadn’t heard anything about the inspection so I called again, but was unable to contact the people involved. It is nearly school bus time, so if I don’t get a response soon, I will call the governor.”

Officials said planned work on the Knobley Tunnel has been delayed. “We are still waiting for feedback from Region 8,” Lambert said. “We will wait until the first part of next week, and if they haven’t made any progress, we have other plans. Del. Gary Howell was here and he gave us some ideas to get started.”

The tunnel was closed in April because of structural issues.

The breakdown of expenses from the July 27 Knobley Tunnel Day was reported by Vicki Hamilton.

Hamilton said more than 600 people attended and the event raised $500 for Sarah Lafferty of Ridgeley, who is suffering from stage IV malignant glioblastoma. She is a junior at Frankfort High School. 

Two dogwood trees were recently donated to the town by the forest service. “If we want more trees we can get them,” Lambert said. Additional trees could be planted along the path to the tunnel.

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