FROSTBURG — Dr. Jesus Tan has announced his retirement effective June 26. He has arranged for Gonzaga Family Health to continue care for his patients.  

Tan’s office location will remain open at 4 S. Broadway to continue care to the Frostburg community and surrounding areas. Gonzaga Family Health’s president and founder, Dr. Rosario Gonzaga, also started her practice in Frostburg over 41 years ago. The Gonzaga health care team consists of Denise Wilson, CRNP; Dr. Robustiano Barrera; Dr. Richard Schlottman; Caryn Amedee, CRNP; and Regina Dupigny, CRNP. 

In order to prevent an interruption of patient care, Gonzaga Family Health has transitioned to telemedicine, using various telehealth platforms.

“It is our responsibility to our patients, health care staff and the community to do our part by slowly converting our patient in-office appointments to telemedicine,” said Gonzaga CEO Rommel Gonzaga. 

Gonzaga has created a telemedicine transition care team to reach out to all patients and provide them with instruction on how to get set up with the telehealth visits and answer any questions or concerns they may have.

“With the increasing anxiety of COVID-19 spread, we want to make sure that patients are informed and prevent a lapse of care,” Gonzaga said.

Tan has provided adult primary care services for over 40 years to Frostburg and surrounding areas. He has worked in various skilled nursing facilities, local hospitals and other health care facilities. In the age of accountable care organizations and health system mergers, his solo private practice has managed to remain the only private primary care practice in Frostburg. 

The goal is to continue to provide good quality patient care within a group practice setting. Tan’s original staff members, Lorri Holliday and Joann Robertson, will remain on staff and work closely with the transition team to provide information and outreach to all of Tan’s patients.  

Tan will continue to serve the local community in several skilled nursing facilities and also the Joseph S. Massie Unit.

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