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FROSTBURG — Frostburg City Council and Mayor Robert Flanigan agreed during a work session Thursday to proceed with a resolution to place a bait machine at Piney Dam.

The idea to place the machine, owned and operated by John Sagal of J&J Bait, was broached during the July work session. Sagal sent Frostburg officials a proposal, and the City Council and mayor talked it over before responding with further inquiries.

“One conversation that we had at the work session was the payment,” said Elizabeth Stahlman, city administrator. “You (Flanigan) had asked me to contact John and see what the electricity consumption would be and what he would be willing to pay monthly.

“He estimated that the electricity cost based on the vending machine’s electricity requirements would be around $5 a month, and he is offering to pay a lump sum of $300 per year,” Stahlman said. “The terms that John had put forth in his proposal are incorporated into this agreement in terms of location and the shed around it.”

Sagal has other bait machines in place, one in Frostburg and another in Paw Paw, West Virginia. Some of the bait the machines are stocked with are night crawlers, minnows, power bait and salmon eggs.

“I actually was down and seeing the setup, it was pretty nice,” said Adam Ritchey, the commissioner of Public Works. “Down at his shop, he’s got the machine down there.”

The City Council and mayor will vote on the passage of the resolution at next week’s city council meeting, which will be held at the community center.

The September work session will take place Sept. 12 at the Bobby Preston Amphitheater at Hoffman Park at 3 p.m. 

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