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CAPON BRIDGE, W.Va. — An animal rescue was shut down and 102 dogs seized when the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant Monday at the facility located near Capon Bridge.

The action was taken following a several month investigation into the living conditions that Sheriff Nathan J. Sions said was not suitable for the dogs at Love Shack Rescue. He said the rescue failed to comply with directions to comply with state laws and county ordinances pertaining to its operation.

Deputies, Hampshire County Animal Shelter personnel and a veterinarian were on site Monday and Tuesday at the rescue operated by Sabrina Drescher and located off Timber Mountain Road.

At least three decomposed dog carcasses were reportedly located on the property.

Sions said the rescue consisted of multiple makeshift kennels set up in a wooded area, dogs being kept in cages inside outbuildings, in two separate houses and some in vehicles.

Several of the dogs are now in the possession of volunteers of various area animal shelters, Sions said.

Sions said no calls should be made to the sheriff’s office concerning adoption of the dogs.

“We are going to leave the adoption responsibility to reputable rescues,” said Sions.

The sheriff also said Drescher has indicated she plans to contest the seizure of 12 of the dogs. She has five days to contest the seizure before a Hampshire County magistrate.

Sions also said the investigation is ongoing and criminal charges will be sought.

“Throughout all of this, a very disturbing fact is many of these dogs were being shipped to the Love Shack from several rescues located in more southern states,” said Sions.

The dogs were reportedly being shipped without any type of reference checks and on-site visits.

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