LaVale man charged with threatening attack on FSU campus

Police block National Highway in LaVale on Thursday as they arrest a man charged with threatening an attack on the Frostburg State University campus.

LAVALE — A former Frostburg State University student who allegedly threatened in text messages an attack against the college campus was arrested Thursday afternoon, the Allegany County Combined Criminal Investigation Unit said.

Sean Kyle McIntyre, 34, of LaVale, was taken into custody pending the service of an arrest warrant obtained by investigators. He was charged with making threats of mass violence, but had not had a bond hearing late Thursday, according to electronic court records.

Authorities said they were initially contacted by a citizen who had received texts from McIntyre threatening an attack.

Investigators said McIntyre had been involved in several campus confrontations with faculty and staff and had been ordered not to return to the school.

A rifle, shotgun and ammunition were recovered from McIntyre's National Highway home when police arrested him.

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