Janet and Jay Stevens 1-29-18

(CTN file photo) Janet and Jay Stevens, parents of the late Alexander Stevens, enter the Garrett County Courthouse on Monday, Jan. 29, 2018. 

Editor's note - The following letter was submitted by Jay Stevens, father of the late Alexander Stevens:

I hate to make this post. As a Dad I have to ... Not only is coping with the murder of our son Alex, who we loved so much, a life long horrible thing to go through, but this judicial process experience also seems to be unending.

The front page of the Sunday edition of the Cumberland Times News has an article that describes an appeal of the 30 year sentence of the murderer of Alex.

That person executed Alex. Alex was given the death sentence by one individual with no due process, no judge, no jury, no prospect of appeal. Alex had committed no crime.

The defense presented no evidence that he had cut the defendant. It was only her testimony on the last day of the trial that said he had cut her. No other witnesses said anything about cuts.

The defendant can appeal. Maybe her sentence will be lessened.

What can Alex or our family do to appeal his "death sentence" and bring him back to life, to us?

Judge Raymond Strubin was correct when he said at the sentencing hearing that the defendant had ruined two families, the Stevens family and the Shaffer family.

When the defense attorney brought up the defendant's assertion that she had been cut, Judge Strubin corrected this and said that no evidence to that effect had been presented.

Her lack of emotional reactions have been emphasized in the pre-sentencing investigation.

Janet, Tristan and I opened our souls and poured out our hearts in each of our victim impact statements we wrote and read to the court in public.

Before the sentencing, the defendant had nothing to say on her behalf. She has never spoken to us to say she was sorry.

If she had committed the same crime in Maryland only a few months later, the maximum sentence would have been 40 years, not 30 years. 

I know how blessed I am. Newer cancer drugs help me. I have a wonderful wife and fantastic daughter. I love both of them so much. Despite all this pain life is good.

- Jay Stevens, Frostburg

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