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MOUNT SAVAGE — Because the Allegany County Public Schools Board of Education has reached more than 99% of its monthly budget for legal fees, Chief Financial Officer Lawrence McKenzie explained Tuesday what will happen when an expected overage occurs.

At the end of May, the board’s legal fees reached $80,538. While that number is comparable with the same month last year, it’s nearing the budgeted amount of $80,650.

Other line items have been underspent and will offset those that exceed the budget, McKenzie said.

He also discussed the board’s audit, which county officials said was due in October.

“We continue to work diligently,” McKenzie said and added he expects the audit to be complete within roughly two weeks. “We’re making progress.”

The meeting started about 15 minutes late. Roughly 90 people were at the event, held at Mount Savage School.

Also included in the meeting:

• The Chinese Immersion Program student teams were recognized for placements at the 9th Annual Chinese Bridge Language Competition. “We are so proud of you,” ACPS Superintendent David Cox said. Board president Bob Farrell said the board supports the program and he hopes to see it expand.

• Before he presented certificates to ACPS retirees, member Wayne Foote talked of his former career as a teacher and said he wouldn’t trade it “for all the tea in China.”

• Foote said he expects the school system’s enrollment to drop due to closure of the Verso paper mill. “I think God (will) have to come down and perform a miracle,” he said of economic help the area needs.

• Student member of the board Eesha Bokil was recognized for her service. “She is so impressive,” member Deb Frank said.

• Cox gave a report on the Summer Lunchbox Program, which includes food for hundreds of students in various locations across the county. The program is always recruiting volunteers, he said.

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