The following is a transcript of Garrett County 911 recordings from Jan. 4.

The Cumberland Times-News obtained the transcript from Gorman E. Getty III, the county's attorney, in response to the paper's Public Information Act request.

While the audio recording was withheld, the following is "intended to be verbatim transcripts of the actual calls," Getty said via email.

(Click here to listen to recordings of search for Stevens, Shaffer)

911:  Garrett County 911, what is the address of your emergency?

Caller:  Hi, this is, we called a little bit ago about a missing person, about 2 missing persons, and we mistakenly gave them the wrong address, so we talked about the place in West Virginia, so we were dealing with West Virginia dispatch, so if it would be possible to give you guys the information and, yeah, we will need to cancel the other one, the other search that is already going on.

911:  Okay, a missing person, you say. Where is this at?

Caller:  There are 2 missing persons, and this is going to be kind of around the Savage River Reservoir in Garrett County. There is a little, there is a path that leads up on the mountain where there is like an old fire tower, and that is where, I just went there looking for them, and I found evidence that they were there, but they, I couldn't find them at all.

911:  On the hiking trail, you mean?

Caller:  Correct.

911:  OK. Alright.

Caller:  It is not on the Savage River hiking trail, but you can take the Savage River hiking trail and take like an offshoot trail to go up onto the mountain to the fire tower.

911:  Okay, alright. Yeah, I am going to direct you to the Natural Resources Police. They would need to be in charge of some kind of an incident like that. Let me go ahead, and I can transfer you on through to them. Just stay on the line here a minute, and I'll get you hooked up with them.

DNR:  DNR Communications, PCO Withers speaking, may I help you?

911:  Yeah, this is Garrett County 911. I am transferring a caller to you reference to some lost hikers, I believe, in Savage River area. Should be there when I hang up, I believe. 

911: Garrett County Fire & Rescue.

MC 911:  Hey, it's Mineral County. Hey, I just transferred a subject in to you in reference to a couple subjects missing. You are probably still getting the story from them.

911:  Yeah, they are talking to the other dispatcher.

MC 911:  We already started working on their pings for their cell phones because they thought they were at High Rock which is in Mineral County, but then after I tried to call them back to get an exact location and meet them and stuff like that, they were like actually at that high tower out there at Savage River, so that is when I transferred him to you guys. But I wanted to let you know we are still working on the ping, and as soon as we get any information, we will actually call and let you know so that is a step you guys will have to take.

911:  I think the other dispatcher put them into Natural Resources Police so, since they are out in, on the hiking trails.

MC 911:  Ok.

911:  Ok. You can get us that information, and we will pass it on. Thank you, appreciate it.

MC 911:  Alright.

911:  Garrett County 911, what is the address of your emergency?

MC 911:  Hey, it's Mineral County. I just wanted to let you guys know with the missing people you guys have up there near Savage or whatever. We finally got a hold of US Cellular for both phones, and they were no help at all. They said that the phones are turned off, but they weren't being very cooperative to tell us like when the last call was or anything like that. So we just wanted to let you know, so.

911:  Alright.

MC 911:  My supervisor is saying if you guys want to try again, you can, but he wasn't very helpful for us.

911:  Yeah, yeah, we don't usually get too much from US Cellular, either, for some reason. I am not sure why.

MC 911:  Yeah, it was awful. They didn't want to cooperate, and we told them it is a 911 situation, and they still didn't do anything other than that their phones are turned off. He wouldn't give us the last call or anything.

911:  Ok, alright.

MC 911:  I just wanted to let you know.

911:  Very good. Thanks for calling.

911:  911, what is the address of your emergency?

Caller:  Um, I do not know where I am.

911:  You don't know where you are?

Caller:  No.

911:  What is your name.

Caller:  Megan Shaffer.

911:  Megan, Ok. How old are you, Megan?

Caller:  I am ......

911:  You’re what?  You're 5?

Caller:  How old am I, is that what you're asking?  I'm 20.

911:  Ok, what's going on, Megan?

Caller:   I'm in the woods.

911:  You're in the woods. Are you the one that was lost?

Caller:  I don't know. I was in the woods, and I found this house.

911:  You found a house?

Caller:  And now I am getting _______

911:  Ok, hold on.

Caller:  I think I found some mail.

911:  Ok, where were you at, where did you get lost at?

Caller:  I'm in Garrett County.

911:  Ok, were you lost all night?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Ok, were you down in the state park.

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Hold on. We are going to get some people out there to you, okay?

Caller:  Fine. I'm in the house.

911:  Yeah, okay. We are going to get some people there to you, okay?

Caller:  Can I give you the address?

911:  Yeah, read me the address.

Caller:  I believe it is 2316 Pine Swamp Road.

911:  I am going to stay on the phone with you until we get somebody there with you, okay? Is there anybody there at the house?

Caller:  No, there's no one here.

911:  Okay, was there anybody else with you that was lost?

Caller:  Yeah, he ____________

911:  There's nobody there?

Caller:  There was 1 other male.

911:  Okay, are you hurt or injured? Do you need an ambulance?

Caller:  I need an ambulance.

911:  Okay, where is the other person that was with you?

Caller:  He's still in the woods.

911:  Where at in the woods, do you know?

Caller:  I do not believe he made it.

911:  Okay, just stay on the phone with me. I am going to get some information, okay.

Caller:  Can I sit down?

911:  Yeah, sit down on the front porch or sit down somewhere there and we are going to wait til they get

Caller:  I'm in the couch.

911:  Are you inside the house now?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Okay, are you sure there's no one there.

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Okay, because I mean do you know whose home that is?

Caller:  No. I just found it and needed to call someone.

911:  Okay, and you went in and got the phone.

Caller:  Yes.

911:  Just stay on the phone. I am not going to hang up with you until we get some officers out there with you, okay?

Caller:  How long?

911:  They are going to be there shortly. They are looking for you. They have been looking for you all night. Okay. I need you to do one thing. I need you to make sure there is no one in the house that may hurt if you they come out and find you. I need you to holler or make sure there is no one there because I do not want. Is there anyone answering you?

Caller:  No.

911:  Just tell them you need help.

Caller:  I need help.

911:  Okay. So are you injured or you just need an ambulance because, are you cold?

Caller:  Cold.

911:  You are cold?

Caller:  Both.

911:  How are you injured?

Caller:  I think I have broken bones.

911:  Ok, what happened?

Caller:  I fell off a cliff.

911:  Ok, you fell off a cliff?  Ok. What is your name?

Caller:  Megan.

911:  Megan, what is your last name, Megan?

Caller:  Shaffer.

911:  Megan Shaffer, okay. Ok, Megan, just stay on the phone. Where is the other person that you were with. What's his name?

Caller:  Alex.

911:  Alex what?

Caller:  Stevens.

911:  Alex Stevens? And where is Alex?

Caller:  He is still in the woods.

911:  Ok, was he okay?

Caller:  No.

911:  Is he hurt or is he....

Caller:  I believe he is dead.

911:  You think he is dead?

Caller:  Yes.

911:  What happened, did you both fall off the cliff?

Caller:  Yes.

911:  Okay, just stay on the phone with me. Okay. I am getting you an ambulance started too, okay. 

Caller:  Please do.

911:  The officers are on their way.

Caller:  I hurt so bad.

911:  How old are you?

Caller:  I'm 20 years old.

911:  Ok, like I said. I am just going to ask you some questions. I am going to stay on the phone with you until the officers get there. Ok, when did you fall?

Caller:  Last night.

911:  Last night? Ok. Is there any serious bleeding?

Caller:  Yeah, I'm bleeding _______

911:  Ok. Ok, what part of the body is injured?

Caller:  I'm not sure.

911:  You're not sure? OK.

Caller:  Something hurts.

911:  Ok, we are sending the paramedics. Just sit down there and don't move unless absolutely necessary, Ok? Don't eat or drink anything, Ok. Just sit still and wait for help to arrive. You're sure that Alex wasn't able to move?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Ok. Just stay on the line. I am going to mute my mic, but I am going to be able to hear you. I am going to dispatch an ambulance, Ok? I'm still here.

Caller:  Are you still there?

911:  I'm still here.

Caller:  Ok. I'm cold. I really hurt. How long will it be?

911:  Just hold on a second, ok.

Caller:  I need them quickly.

911:  Ok. I'm still here. The ambulance is dispatched now. Ok, I'm still here. Where are you at in the house there?

Caller:  I'm in the living room.

911:  You're in the living room? Ok, are you sitting down?

Caller:  I'm lying down.

911:  Ok, just lie down on the couch. Where did you park your vehicle and where did you go to the cliff? What cliff were you at?

Caller:  The high tower.

911:  The high tower? Ok. Alright. Is that where Alex is? You were up at the high tower?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Ok. Did you lose consciousness? Did you go unconscious?

Caller:  I don't know.

911:  You don't know. Do you remember what happened?

Caller:  (unintelligible sounds).

911:  Ok. I'm still here. I'm going to stay with you Megan, Ok? The ambulance and the fire department are getting started now, and the officers are already on their way to you. I just need to stay on the phone with you until they get there, ok?

Caller:  How long?

911:  I'm not sure. I know they're down there in the area looking for you. They've been looking for you all night. How long have you been walking? When did you start walking?

Caller:  I don't know.

911:  Did you start last night after you fell?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Ok. It's okay Megan, we are going to get help to you. Just try to keep calm, Ok. Just breathe. Can you tell me is your leg injured, is your head injured, or anything like that?

Caller:  I'm not __________

911:  Are you cold?

Caller:  Yes.

911:  You're really cold. Ok. Is there a blanket there that you can cover up with.

Caller:  I have the one on ___

911:  You got one already?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Ok.

Caller:  __________ on the couch.

911:  Ok. Do you know how far you walked or how long you were walking?

Caller:  I don't know _______.

911:  Ok. Did you fall in between the rocks or what happened?

Caller:  I don't remember.

911:  You don’t remember. Ok, that's fine, that's fine. It's okay. We are getting help to you. They are probably just a little bit out until they can get there.

Caller:  Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

911:  What? I need you to try to slow your breathing down. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Just try to stay calm. Megan, are you still there?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Just try to keep calm and slow your breathing down. That way you're not breathing too fast, Ok. They are going to be there shortly. I'm going to stay right here with you. Were you up at the old fire tower, Megan? Is that where it happened?

Caller:  That's where it happened.

911:  Ok.

Caller:  But I'm not there now.

911:  Yeah, I know. We got you at the house. We're getting help to you. I'm just trying to figure out where Alex is so we can go check on him. That was the rocks where you fell, was it at the fire tower?

Caller:  Right.

911:  Ok. Still there Megan?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Okay, I'm just going to keep checking on you.

Was it raining last night when you were up there at the rocks?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Ok. Is that what made you fall? Did you slip? Do you remember that at all?

Caller:  No.

911:  You don't know? Ok. Do you know your number for your parents or someone that I can call for you?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Ok, what is that number?

Caller:  (----------)

911:  Ok. And who is that number for?

Caller:  Brenda Shaffer.

911:  Brenda. Ok. And that is your mom?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Ok, do you want me to call her now and tell her you are okay or do you want me to wait?

Caller:  Wait until the ambulance ....

911:  Ok, I'll wait until they get to you, ok?

Caller:  Ok.

911:  And then I will give that information to the officers. Where are you from Megan?

Caller:  Ridgeley West Virginia.

911:  Ok. What was Alex's last name?

Caller:  Stevens.

911:  Stevens. Is that S-T-E-V-E-N?

Caller:  Yes.

911:  Ok. Are you warming up at all?

Caller:  I'm not sure.

911:  Ok.

Caller:  I'm really cold.

911:  Yeah, I'm sure. I mean, it was cold last night. Are you still there?

Caller:  Yes.

911:  Ok. You did good getting out and finding help. That's, I mean, we're getting you help now, ok.

Caller:  Ok.

911:  They've been looking for you all night.

Caller:  How'd they know?

911:  I'm not sure. I guess somebody knew you went missing and called the DNR, and the DNR started out looking for you. And you don't hear anybody else in the house, do you?

Caller:  No.

911:  Ok. Ok, you still doing okay?

Caller:  I'm here.

911:  Ok. I'm still here. I'm just talking with other people. We're getting people down there to you, not just an ambulance and the officers, but we're getting some other people down there to see if they can find Alex, too, and get you help, Ok? How are you feeling?

Caller:  Cold.

911:  Ok, where do you hurt the most?

Caller:  My low back.

911:  Your back. Ok. Where did you park at Megan, do you remember? Down at the fire tower trail?

Caller:  Yeah.

911:  Ok. Still here, ok?

Caller:  Ok.

911:  You still doing okay, Megan?

Caller:  I'm cold.

911:  Ok. I'm still here with you.

Caller:  Thank you. What's your name?

911:  My name is Ryan.

Caller:  You're awesome.

911:  Yep, I'm right here with you. I'll be here with you until they get there. Still there?

Caller:  Are they here?

911:  There may be an officer there. Can you look out the window and see if he's there?

Caller:  I can't move off the couch.

911:  Ok. I'll let them know that you can't get up. Do you hear anybody coming to the door yet?

Caller:  Yeah, they knocked, but I couldn’t get up.

911:  Ok, I need you to holler at them. Just scream. Tell them you're in there, and you need help.

Caller:  I'm here.

911:  Just yell help.

Caller:  Help. The bottom, the basement, the back of the house, the basement door is unlocked.

911:  They're at the back of the house?

Caller:  Yes.

911:  Ok, I need you to holler real loud.

Caller:  Help.

911:  Ok. Hold on.

911:  Ok. Megan, can you still hear anyone?

Caller:  No.

911:  Ok, just, if you hear them, I need you to holler. Can you hear anyone yet?

Caller:  No.

911:  Can you hear them knocking?

Caller:  No. I heard them knock once.

911:  You heard them knock once?

Caller:  Now I do.

911:  You do?  Ok, holler, tell them to come in. Tell them to come in, say come in, tell them to come in Megan. Megan, I need you to tell them to come in and help you.

Caller:  I’m on the couch. I see you. I just can't get to the door.

911:  Yell help.

Caller:  Help.

911:  Is it a police officer that you see? Who do you see?

Caller:  It's a police officer.

911:  Ok, can you try to get to the window and bang on a window or something so he can see you.

Caller:  No.

911:  Is there a window close to you?

Caller:  I just can't get to it.

911:  Is he there with you yet?

Caller:  Not in the house yet.

911:  But you saw him.

Caller:  Yes, I saw him at the door. Hello. Hello.

911:  Just keep yelling. Did the door lock behind you, or how did you get in the house?

Caller:  I found him. He is here.

911:  Is he there with you now?

Caller:  He's here. Yes.

911:  Ok, I am going to let you go. The ambulance is on their way, Ok. I've got her. You got her?

DNR:  Hello.

911:  Is this the DNR?

DNR:  This is Corporal Mayles.

911:  Ok, ok. I'll let you go. Can you tell me if she is injured or anything?

DNR:  She doesn't have any clothes on and she is hypothermic.

911:  Like no clothes whatsoever?

DNR:  None.

911:  Ok, alright. I'm gonna let you go. The ambulance and fire department, there's a lot of units headed your way, so.

DNR:  Ok. She’s in the house now and has a blanket on.

911:  She said the other individual and her fell up at the overlook tower, and he is still up there. She said that she believes him to be deceased, Ok. I'll let you go, we got a lot of units headed your way.


MSP:  State Police, where is your emergency?

911:  Hey Brian, got a question for you. Is Seth on the road today?

MSP:  No, he doesn’t come in until late shift today.

911:  Ok. Is there anyway we can get him with his dog up to the state park, or Savage River, down off of Westernport Road, up to the overlook tower. We had a person, who was lost all night. She came in to a house. We found her, but she is telling us that they fell off the cliffs up there at the overlook.

MSP:  Is it a kid and a guy or something like that?

911:  Yeah, a female and a guy. She said he fell, they fell at the cliffs. She is hurt, and all that, but he is up there at the cliffs, and she said she believes he is dead. So we are trying ....

MSP:  Yeah, they are in contact with him, the D sergeant back here, apparently, so he is headed that way, but I will talk to him here and see if we can Seth down that way.

911:  Alright. So the fire tower, or that overlook tower is up off of Westernport Road, that is where the trail goes back in to that.

MSP:  Ok.

911:  Do you want the coordinates? That way you guys can at least get an idea where it's at.

MSP:  Can you send them to me on Capwin?

911:  Yeah.

MSP:  Yeah, put them on there for me, and I will give them to him here whenever I get ahold of him.

911:  Alright, sounds good.

MSP:  Alright.

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