KEYSER, W.Va. — The Mineral County Commission agreed to place a request from Mineral County Sheriff Jeremy Taylor for a lease to purchase agreement with Country Roads Leasing, LLC, Bridgeport for police cruisers on the agenda for the next commission meeting.

The lease would be for four police cruisers with a three-year lease.

“Basically, what this is a lease-purchase program. There are no limitations as far as miles or anything like that,” said Taylor at Thursday’s public meeting. “At the end of the three years you purchase the vehicle for $1.”

The interest rate on the agreement is 3.25 percent for three years, and for four vehicles the payment is $3,968.88 a month. With that monthly payment it would be about $47,626 a year.

“If we did this lease program every three years we would lease four vehicles and then we would continue to buy one in addition to those four,” said Taylor.

The sheriff’s department would be purchasing one and leasing four every three years which would result in 26 vehicles in 10 years. Police cruisers would be replaced every 4.6 years. The agreement would cost the county an additional $20,000 but it would give the sheriff’s department an extra cruiser. Currently, there is an agreement for two police cruisers a year for one year, than three vehicles the next year and rotating that, according to Taylor.

“The biggest reason for this (agreement) is to me it’s easier for you to budget because it’s going to be the same. It won’t go back and forth,” said Taylor.

If four police cruisers are leased this year, the money that is budgeted for purchasing a cruiser — about $22,000 — could be used to outfit it.

“If you looked at doing it now, it would be April before you would have to make your first lease payment,” said Mike Bland, county coordinator.

The cruisers would be titled to the county. There will be at least one four-wheel drive vehicle on the road, according to Taylor.

“This actually sounds pretty good,” said Dr. Richard Lechliter, commission president.

The next commission meeting is scheduled for Feb. 24 at 4:30 p.m.

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