Family reunion offers joy to everyone

The Evans family poses for a photo during a reunion years ago. Seated, second from the left, is Irene Brinkman, mother-in-law of Dixie Brinkman, with her parents, Molly and Jake Evans. 

Sitting here at my desk trying to think of something new to write about, and all I can think about is the family reunion I attended last Sunday, my mother-in-law’s side of the family, the Evans reunion, which was a great success. And I was awarded the prize for oldest again this year.

Deed it’s wonderful to see how happy everybody seemed to be shaking hands and giving warm hugs. That’s what I call happiness — a family reunion.

Sometimes it is years before some can attend due to distance, or their health. But this group surely looked like a great healthy family.

A great display of delicious fried chicken, vegetables too numerous to mention, as well as desserts that would knock your eye out, as my deceased husband, Melvin, used to say.

If you never attended a family reunion, you can’t imagine the joy you are missing. Just meeting the new youngsters for the first time is a pleasure. Hard to believe all the energy they display. I even took them a crockpot of wieners and some buns to keep them happy.

The auction is always a great attraction. We all bring something nice somebody else could use and enjoy. Hard to believe so much love and attention is shared during the bidding. Seems everybody has something extra laying around that somebody else could use and enjoy.

Seems everybody had a great time plus the weather was accommodating so the young folks got to spend some of their fun time outside in the sun swimming.

Other than the great food and lovely family, I can’t think any more to dote upon so now I’ll sign off and pray for another year as wonderful as this one spent with folks who worked hard to make it a wonderful Evans family reunion.

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