Songwriter pens theme for reality TV series

Robert Bittinger

CUMBERLAND — Songwriter and musician Robert Bittinger has written the theme song, titled “Couldn’t Imagine,” for an unscripted reality television series, “Horses and Heroes.”

The series, which is dedicated to military veterans and their families, combines peer support therapy with equine therapy and will focus on healing and positive growth. Each season will bring together veterans from World War II to the current conflicts. They will share their challenges and support each other as they find new solutions to their physical and emotional challenges.

A resident of Cumberland, Bittinger dedicated a song to his late father, Ruben Bittinger, in September 2017. “The Fiddle” music video featured several family members and was viewed extensively on YouTube. 

Bittinger has teamed up with Dennis Pelczynski from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, who has experience in business development, marketing, promoting and sales, and is serving as Bittinger’s manager.

Bittinger’s passion has always been music, and “The Pickup Truck,” a follow-up to “The Fiddle,”  is getting an “enormous amount of listeners/fans on several digital websites in over 165 countries,” Pelczynski said in an emailed news release. Bittinger has written numerous songs over the past 20 years. 

John Broadwater of Reaction Action Pictures LLC produced both videos, which can be viewed on

Recently, Bittinger was approached by Theresa Chaze of Cosmos Productions LLC, Traverse City, Michigan, to write and produce the theme song, which is available for download on all digital websites.

Bittinger used the services of Aaron Murphy, producer, recording and mixing engineer and owner of Mountain Run Studio in Culpepper, Virginia, to produce and record “Couldn’t Imagine.” Pelczynski is trying to keep Bittinger on a deadline of July 5 to start touring in Myrtle Beach and other locations in the South.

Bittinger has been invited to Allegany College of Maryland to perform at a charity event on April 20. All proceeds will go to the Children’s League Speech Clinic. Doors will open at 7:15 p.m.

His first CD is due to be released late summer or early fall. More information is available online at or bittinger.399. 


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