CUMBERLAND — The Maryland Writers’ Association selected the following submissions to its Notable Maryland Authors series for June for publication, based on writing literature for middle school children.

Writers were to select a middle school aged protagonist and write about an issue they might have to deal with.

Jon Ketzner,


“The Fraud”

Middle schooler Mike Carter entered the gym and assembled his Science Fair project.

Mike unfolded the pulpboard of graphs and illustrations. He displayed the rod and protractor and tools. His presentation was impressive.

His project recreated the work of Greek mathematician, Eratosthenes, who calculated the Earth’s circumference in 200 B.C.

Though a sure prize winner, Mike hated his entry. It had been done by his step-father. His mother and step-father insisted Mike enter the Fair with this project.

Mike knew his teachers and fellow students would recognize the fraud. When he so complained, his step-father said, “If those bozos bust you, I’ll straighten ‘em out.”

 Penny Knobel-Besa,


“Joining the Gang”

Jeb bumped into me with a quick sneer; he knows. If only the teacher doesn’t notice. If I just sit here quietly no one will notice the bulge…if he’d just stop wiggling.

Demanding I do the initiation at school could get me in a heap of trouble. Paints in my backpack, how can I make frog prints down the hallway? I thought getting honey from the bee hive was more than enough to prove my worthiness be a member of the Boss Gang.

Oh no, she’s calling on me! Hah, that tickles! “How I spend my summer … oops!

R. Brad Reinhart, 


“Bob Sledd & The Great Escape”

I felt invincible after I totally decimated that train of sleds. I breathed in a big lung full of crisp, frozen air; the kind that made my nostrils stick together. The frigid air pricked my lungs as I gulped it down.

The water dripping from the icicle on the windowsill had momentarily hypnotized me. Where was I?!

“Bob! Quit staring out the window and tell me what the square root of 9 is!”

I turned my head and found that not only was my math teacher Ms. Warthog, I mean Ms. Wartogle staring ...

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