Late in the afternoon of Aug. 30 I drove in to the Sheetz car wash at Naves Crossroad and got out to put the code/cash in the talking machine.

The car door closed, and I noticed it was locked. It had malfunctioned as the keys and handbag were in the vehicle. If the key is in the car, it won’t lock the doors when closed ... yeah right ... what a predicament ... a locked vehicle with the motor running.

I said a prayer as I walked toward the store to seek an earthly angel to drive me a mile out Bedford Road to get my house key from my neighbor, Rena Cheney.

As I went in the door a man was coming out with a small boy. I asked him if he was going out Bedford Road. He wasn’t, as I believe he said he was from the Corriganville area but what was my problem. After relating my tale of woe he said he would be glad to take me.

On the way I found out his name was Dave Ours and his little grandson, Mason, who was a real charmer. On arriving I quickly said another prayer as my neighbor wasn’t sure if she would be going to her daughters for the long holiday weekend. The door opened ... praise the Lord.

Mr. Ours drove me back to my car, waited until he saw me open the door and pulled away. Now, there was an angel. I offered him money, as this was a priceless gesture to me, but he refused saying that he didn’t need it and was glad he was there to help in my dilemma.

I realize you have to be cautious in our world today so God placed Mr. Ours in that location to be my angel for this moment. My humble appreciation to him as he earned a star in his crown for being so kind and helpful. May God bless you always ... Dave Ours ... an angel on Earth.

Sadie Koser



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