While visiting the Cumberland area from our home in Florida, we stopped by Greenmount Cemetery, which has a lot of my relatives (along with my husband’s) interred there.

It was very disturbing to see the deplorable shape that was supposed to be perpetual care. Grass and weeds have grown up terrible and the markers that are even with the ground cannot be found.

The property was on the “Frost” farm, who were German immigrants. My husband’s great-grandmother was first Frost generation born in this country. She is buried there in the weeds somewhere along with relatives from each generation since then.

My husband and I had been considering being buried here on the family plot as well, but we have no desire for our final resting place to be an unkempt weed patch.

This cemetery is a disgrace to the city of Cumberland, as well as a national disgrace since many veterans are buried there.

Perhaps a Boy Scout troop or other volunteer groups could spend some time getting the entire cemetery back to respectful area until the proper representative can keep it in a decent shape.

I hope they can find the responsible people to properly take full time care of this historic cemetery.

Patricia Cramer

Palmetto, Fla.

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