Recently, District 1C Del. Mike McKay hosted a listening session of the Western Maryland Economic Stability Workshop. (See: “Need for jobs emphasized at public forum,” Aug. 29 Times-News, Page 1A.)

The fact of the matter is, the economic stability of this area is poor, to put it nicely.

Cumberland is in a steep decline and is getting worse.

If you look around this region you can see a multitude of problems, from blight, to drugs, to a fading infrastructure. All of this can be solved with jobs.

Fining residents for failure to maintain their homes when they can’t find a job in this area that pays well enough to afford the repairs is not the answer. It only adds to the problem.

You want the drug use to slow down? Give people something to do other then trying to drown their sorrows in the euphoria.

Many of these people are self-medicating to just get away from the constant depression. Give them something to work for.

And as far as the failing infrastructure?

Better paying, industrial jobs will bring in more revenue through more income and sales taxes. When the middle class has disposable income, they will spend it.

The fix is there. But it’s up to our leadership to bring industry back into this area in order for any of this to happen.

Retail jobs just won’t cut it. And trying to turn this town and area into a tourist attraction won’t either.

So, to any of our leaders who care to read this, it’s in your hands.

You can bring industry back into this area, or sit in you offices and watch as this “Queen City” dies. The ball is in your court.

Dave Dorbert


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