Thank you for hot chocolate

On a crackling autumn morn;

Thank you for the pillows,

And the blankets, child-hug warm!

Thank you for the sunset,

And the windfall of the leaves,

And thank you for the dawning

Past the night for one who grieves.

Thank you for the starlight

In a sugar-sprinkled sky,

And thank you for the falcon

With his marrow-piercing cry.

And thank you that my knees work,

And for every Christmas card,

And thank you for the deer and bears

That stroll through our back yard.

Yes, thank you for bananas,

And for smiles that light a face;

Thank you for Gene Kelly,

And for books,

And outer space.

Thank you for my childhood,

And for fireflies a-light;

Thank you for tent-camping,

And for Family Movie Night.

Thank you for all roller-skates,

For swimming in the creek;

Thanks for Trick-or-Treating,

And for words to write and speak.

Thank you lots for Pop-Tarts,

For a cozy fireplace;

Thank you for John Denver,

And for snow like tatted lace.

Thank you for the birdsong

Of a warm spring afternoon,

And thank you for the soaring

Of a let-go red balloon.

Thanks for nuts and sneakers,

And for whispered words of love;

Thank you for “The West Wing,”

And for mitten, hood and glove.

Thanks for Harry Potter,

And for music box and doll;

Thanks for trips to Scotland

And their photos on the wall.

Thank you for my children,

Odd and loving, loud and sweet;

And thank you for my husband —

Even with size 14 feet!

And thank you for the turkey,

And the stuffing, and the corn;

Thank you for the joys I’ve known,

Since ever I was born.

But most of all, this day of thanks,

I thank you for my life,

The chance to be a daughter, sister, mother,

Friend and wife.

Yes, thanks for my successes,

And the faults from which I’ve learned;

And thank you for the seasons,

Snows and rains and leaves that turned.

And thank you for my loved ones,

Whether here, or gone to rest;

And thank you for Thanksgiving,

To remind us how we’re blessed!

Ellen McDaniel-Weissler is a LaVale freelance writer. Her column appears in the Times-News on alternate weekends.

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