Each week the Times-News features this Hits and Misses column. It is a look at the positive and negative news or events over the past week. Readers are invited to send their suggestions.

• A HIT for the implementation at Allegany County’s emergency center of a system that allows receipt of 911 calls through text messaging.

• A HIT for the Potomac Valley Revival Center as it celebrates its 60th anniversary as a house of worship.

• A HIT for West Virginia officials who helped land a high-speed transportation testing facility in development by Virgin Hyperloop One. Construction of the 800-acre testing track, located in Grant and Tucker counties, is expected to bring thousands of temporary construction jobs to the area.

• A HIT for Allegany County Sheriff Craig Robertson, who walked 17 miles from his home in Midland to the law enforcement agency’s headquarters in Cumberland. The trek was part of the Real Men Wear Pink breast cancer awareness fundraiser.

• A MISS for drivers who fail to give bicyclists enough space to ride safely, especially on roads on which signs indicate that cyclists can use the entire lane, like Frederick Street in Cumberland. Several bicyclists have reported vehicles intentionally getting dangerously close to them or passing and unsafely cutting in front of them. Such behavior is disrespectful and illegal.

• A HIT for the installation of a new early warning system that will alert people living downstream of Jennings Randolph Lake of rapidly rising waters and the potential for dangerous conditions.

• A HIT for Allegany Magazine, which features stories about two breast cancer survivors in its October issue.

• A HIT for Terry Helbig, who was named the 2020 honorary golden ambassador of the 53rd Autumn Glory Festival underway this weekend in Garrett County.

• A HIT for police officers who took part in the Annual National Night Out to foster a strong bond between law enforcement and the community. Residents were able to meet some of the men and women in uniform and get an up-close look at police and fire equipment.

• OUR DOLTS OF THE WEEK are three men who blew up an ATM in a Chinese takeout restaurant in Philadelphia while the establishment was still open but were unable to get any cash. They entered the Golden Chinese/American takeout restaurant and ordered food before placing some kind of explosive device that damaged the ATM and the window and knocked items off shelves behind the counter. The trio went back into the establishment but were unable to remove the cash box that was still inside the damaged ATM. They then fled, one on a bicycle and the other two on foot.

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