Each week the Times-News editorial page features this Hits and Misses column. It is a look at the positive and negative news or events over the past week. Readers are invited to send their suggestions.

• A HIT for Ty Johnson, the former Fort Hill High School and University of Maryland star running back, who made the Detroit Lions’ roster and will wear No. 31 this season. (See: “It’s official ...,” Sept. 1 Times-News, Page 1B.)

• A PROTECT AND SERVE for the three newest officers in the Cumberland Police Department: Kori R. Smith, Cassidy L. Lease, and Benjamin L. Click. (See: “Three new police officers ...,” Sept. 4 Times-News, Page 1A.)

• A HIT for Allegany College of Maryland faculty members Ashley Dively, assistant chair of academic development, who received the Sanner Award for Outstanding Teaching; Robert Bright Jr., a criminal justice instructor, who received the Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award; and Lynn Bowman, who recently retired as an associate professor, who received the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Faculty of the Year Award. (See: “Ashley Dively ...,” Sept. 1 Times-News, Page 7A.)

• A THEY BEAUTIFY CUMBERLAND! for Jason Niner, owner of Niner’s Canal Pub, who won the Let’s Beautify Cumberland! Blue Ribbon award for maintaining his Pershing Street business. Homeowners recognized were Greg and Gina Ratke, 35 Humbird St.; James Patterson and Tracy Adams, 310 Cole St.; Mark and Joy Stewart, 806 Greene St.; William and Cynthia Swarner, 13145 Frederick St.; and Bernard and Elaine Milburn, 206 Gleason St.

• AN ANY OLD PORT IN A STORM for Patrick Eldridge of Jacksonville, Florida, who parked his smart car in his kitchen to keep it from blowing away if Hurricane Dorian struck. His wife’s car was already in their garage. Jessica Eldridge hoped he would get the car out of the kitchen as soon as the wind died down because “my dogs are confused by it,” and we all know what dogs do to the tires on a car when no tree is available ... don’t we?

•A MISS for the town of Cheverly, in Prince George’s County, which for the past several days has been tormented by a mysterious “noxious” odor that awakens some people and makes others gag or experience a burning feeling in the back of their throats. Nobody knows where it’s coming from.

• OUR DOLT OF THE WEEK HONORABLE MENTION is the Ohio man who called police to profanely demand that they return the 4 grams of marijuana they seized from him. He told them that in Ohio it’s legal to possess 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of pot. Marijuana possession has been decriminalized in some Ohio cities, but it is still illegal under state law. 

• OUR DOLT OF THE WEEK RESERVE CHAMPION is the man who broke into a home in Florida and was cooking himself a meal at 4 a.m. when he was confronted by the resident. He told the man to “go back to sleep,” but he called 911 instead. The burglar ran from the house and was arrested in a wooded, swampy area behind the house, and police said they suspected he was CUI ... Cooking Under the Influence.

• OUR DOLT OF THE WEEK GRAND CHAMPION is the Utah woman who called police to report a possible drunk driver, then gave her her own license plate number and started laughing. Police charged her with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and having an open alcoholic beverage container in her car — a nearly empty bottle of whiskey.

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