Nobody asked; but this is America and I believe everyone is entitled to my opinion.

So, how do the Democrats defeat our duly elected and beloved President Donald Trump next year? They’re in the middle of this silly primary Kabuki dance. They need some guidance.

First, the Democrats should purge from their senior leadership anyone past their full Social Security age, i.e. anyone born before 1953. Get rid of Biden, Sanders, Pelosi, Warren, Schumer, Stoyer, etc ... all of those ancients who cling desperately to their power and privilege.

Next, elevate Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez to chairwoman of the House Judiciary Committee and turn her loose on impeaching the president. AOC won’t get anywhere but the effort will electrify the Democratic base (and would be great fun).

Third, the Dems should nominate Kamala Harris for president and Beto O’Rourke for vice-president. Harris is a strong woman of color. She is also smart, tough, and, like my poor wife, married to a lumpy, middle-aged white guy.

Kamala did kinda take an interesting route to the top, which is awkward. But, if President Trump has done nothing else, he has made presidential candidacy safe for folks with salty histories.

Finally, the Democrats should make their rallying cry “ Wealth Tax! Wealth Tax!” Make it their “Build the Wall” and “Lock Her Up” of the 2020 campaign.

Slapping families with a net worth in excess of $50 million with a 2% tax every year is brilliant, if a tad unconstitutional. I’d love to see the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post have to endorse a wealth tax.

There Democrats, now get hopping. Sell yourselves as the party of the inevitable future. Folks who want to hang on to the lost America can vote for Trump. We’ll see who prevails.

And Democrats, you’re welcome, glad to help.

Jon Ketzner


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