Recently, I was with my homies and homettes, drinking and bloviating.

One friend and I share a particular commonality: We’re life-long Baltimore Orioles fans, and we’re registered Democrats. We started debating which of these two loyalties were the most misguided, pathetic and personally humiliating.

The Orioles are very undeserving of any fan support, much less rabid fan support like that of Joe’s and mine.

Recently, they’ve been the worst or second worst Major League Baseball team (in 2018, they were the worst major professional team in any sport, anywhere).

Last year, the only team that challenged the Orioles in malfeasance were the Detroit Tigers.

This winter the Tigers significantly improved themselves, while the Orioles did little more than trade away their best player.

Camden Yards is going to again be a beautiful, empty house of inept baseball this summer.

But, these days, the shame and frustration of an Oriole fan pales in comparison to being a Democrat.

They stupidly initiated a pre-doomed impeachment, then executed it with the adroit deftness of a one-legged tap dancer.

Now, they’re conducting primaries to pick a candidate to run against President Donald Trump in November. It’s like septuagenarian Whack-a-mole. Iowa? OMG. The only candidate who generates any passion is Bernie Sanders, the Bolshevik.

The Dems may well turn to Michael Bloomberg to save them. In 2016, Trump’s margins of victory in the critical Rust Belt states were a fraction of the number of disaffected Sanders’ supporters who voted for him. Meaning that angry Bernie Bros effectively elected Trump.

When the party of the young, the marginalized and the working stiffs nominates an 80-year-old oligarch who quite arrogantly bought the nomination, those livid Sandernistas are going to push Trump over the top again.

That’s as certain as the Orioles losing 100 games.

Jon Ketzner



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