If the truth doesn’t matter; if the rule of law doesn’t matter; if the constitution doesn’t matter; if taking from the poor to give to the rich is OK; if speaking with words that incite hate and division is acceptable; if separating babies from their parents, incarcerating people of all ages in cages and denying them the most basic care, is all right; if covering up your misdeeds through intimidation, lies, misuse of power, all the while claiming how unfairly you’ve been treated ... if that’s OK, and if you’re willing to lie and cheat and steal, betray allies and  leverage power entrusted to you for your own personal and political benefit; if you’re willing to roll back regulations protecting the environment and health of workers and populations everywhere, if you ignore the words of scientists and the clear proof before you that our world is warming and action is required immediately in order to save our very selves, then I suppose President Donald Trump is your man.

May God help us all through the next several months and Trump’s time in power forever ends following November’s election.

A. Lawton Gunn


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