For months now, people in the town of Fort Ashby and surrounding areas have been finding colorful rocks in strange places.

These rocks are beautifully painted and have some sort of message of hope printed on them. Whether it’s “Smile, Hang in There, You Are Loved,” each rock is made with the hope that someone needing a little positivity in their life will find it.

And that’s exactly what has been happening. WV GYPSY ROCKS is a Facebook page run by local Danielle Kaiser.

The page reads numerous posts from people who have found a rock and followed the instructions printed on each, which are to simply re-hide the rock and let her know you found it.

Suddenly, overnight, something positive was happening to our little town until someone decided to ruin it for us all.

Someone drafted a nasty letter with foul language on Christmas paper and placed it with two rocks that were hidden in the Fort Ashby Post Office in Danielle’s post office box. The letter was merely signed Santa and no return address was listed.

This act of hatefulness has really taken its toll on our GypsyRocks angel, causing her doubt that her rocks are a nuisance instead of a blessing.

If you believe in the power of positivity please help me pay back some joy to Danielle and drop by WV GYPSY ROCKS on Facebook and tell her to keep up the good work.

No act of hatefulness should dampen anyone’s shine. The world needs these acts of love and friendship.

Amanda Barnes-Reynolds

Springfield, W.Va.

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