I felt sad when I read Jeff Krone’s letter (See: “To be a citizen, go through the process,” May 26 Times-News). Immigration is an important and serious issue. We need to discuss it by discussing facts, guided by both compassion and love of our country.

I pray every day for people who must leave the countries they love because they fear for their own lives and those of their children. They have no home, no country, and no protection except for the good Lord.

Even though my heart breaks for them, I do not believe in open borders. There are only so many that a nation can take without causing social norms to break down.

That’s why it’s important to discuss the people at our southern border by understanding the facts.

I have been very lucky, because I was able to study the facts of immigration for six years. It is from this knowledge that I must tell you that many of the claims Mr. Krone made in his letter are not true.

Most people crossing our southern border are “legal.” They seek a safe haven. It is legal to ask border officials for asylum.

Border officials hear their claims and, if they decide that they do have a good case, admit them. Their claims are finally decided by an immigration judge. They do indeed “go through the process.”

These people are not bringing drugs. The D.E.A. says that most drugs are brought into the country hidden in the cargo of trucks that enter “legally.”

The rate of crime among undocumented immigrants is generally lower than among native-born Americans.

They seek out our country because they believe in the things we hold dear: freedom, opportunity and safety from persecution.

I can refer you to many sources to verify what I have said.

Nayano Taylor-Neumann 



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